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I doubt this is the best place to expect a good conversation ..
So why the fuck are you two arguing with each other then? For fun? It's not a bad idea to just stop posting in response. Even if the other guy thinks he's "won". If he's an idiot, big deal. What's he gonna get, a cookie? You're never gonna meet him in the flesh anyway so he's hardly worth the keystrokes.

And another thing - why can I not expect this place to be a good place for conversation? Is it because some people can't act like adults? Or is it because the Linux community is too toxic to discuss controversial things. There's always the opportunity to make this place a friendly community of users, but then again it seems as if Michael doesn't give a shit about the state of his forums. If he got some more people to mod (if there are any mods, I can't tell anymore), maybe things would improve.

So quit with the rolleyes and act maturely. We desperately need more level-headed people here.