An example for the insult of GT220 to other members:

GT220 : "One can only hope Alan Cox and every retarded kernel dev including Linus "Fuck You" Torvalds will die a horrible, slow, painful death. "

He clearly violate multiple human rights other peoples "freedom of speech" other peoples right to "life"

He is a hate preacher and a anti-opensource advocate.

GT220 : "The developers are wasting time trying to write open source drivers that clearly will always... [...]garbage"

He Insult people he is a troll calling other people troll and calls for ban all the time.

GT220 : "Did anyone expect an asshole & a troll to change their ways? Michael, do the right thing and ban this troll for good. The nouveau garbage by garbage developers can't even perform up to par or have... "

But he is also very cute LOL:

GT220 "Michael, you banned Qaridarium but you won't ban this asshole asdx? He doesn't do anything but troll and generally being an asshole in the forums. No one should tolerate this moron period. "

Be sure Qaridarium do not need protection from you.
Compare to you Qaridarium is a clever advocate of rhetoric he do not need stupid words like "asshole" to get banned.
Show some more respect to real masters and try to learn from Qaridarium instead of writing constant crap bullshit.