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Thread: Proved: Lyndon B. Johnson killed John F. Kennedy

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    Default Proved: Lyndon B. Johnson killed John F. Kennedy

    new prove show that the official story is wrong and Lyndon B. Johnson was the head of the conspiracy against John F. Kennedy.

    One evidence evaluation and 2 testimony prove this. and many evidence cover this version.

    German wikipedia about this tropic : the evidence evaluation: Fingerprint expert A. Nathan Darby, a certified statement: "one unidentified fingerprint that was found in a cardboard box on the fifth floor of the textbook depots have, belongs to a man named Malcolm Wallace, a convicted murderer, the Johnson should have known. In 1998 signed the fingerprint expert A. Nathan Darby, a certified statement in which a 14-point agreement was found in the prints."

    and the testimony to the lawyer Barr McClellan:

    Evelyn Lincoln: "Kennedy had told her three days before his murder that he wanted to replace Johnson as Vice President."


    Madeleine Duncan Brown(1949 to 1969 Johnson's mistress): "Lyndon B. Johnson:„After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat — that’s a promise.“"

    German wikipedia about government foul trying and evidences:

    "Oswald would have had a better opportunity to shoot Kennedy, came up as his car for him, instead of waiting until he moved away from him. He also could seek the protection of trees.
    Oswald had always denied the Kennedy assassination and was soon killed himself.
    The two official government investigations confirmed that the security personnel had been around Kennedy's motorcade significantly reduced compared with the usual degree. Conspiracy theorists conclude that intelligence had been involved in the assassination.
    The Presidential limousine was cleaned immediately by order of President Johnson and restored, rather than to secure as evidence for ballistic tests. This is partly interpreted as an attempt to destroy evidence.
    The transport of the body to Washington violated Texan law, which prescribed the investigation by the local coroner. This can also be interpreted as a sign of a cover-up intentions.
    Governor Connallys hat he held in his right hand when a bullet penetrated his wrist disappeared from the chain of evidence, after he last on the evening of 22 November was seen in a police office in Dallas.
    The Dallas police had cordoned off the school book depository is not until 12:39 clock, as police and witnesses had initially searched the grassy knoll and the parking lot.
    The Dealey Plaza itself was not locked. Photos show that even drove down nine minutes after the assassination, the Elm Street vehicles.
    The acts of the period of service in the Marines, Oswald was destroyed in 1973.
    Several autopsy photos missing.
    Normally, the first shot of a shooter is always the best, because this then has time to aim and maintain the opportunity for the right time to pay attention to their breathing and to "feel" the shot can (breaking of the shot). This shot under good conditions will however be completely gone next, while the votes hectic and under stress and time pressure shots hit 2 and 3.
    The bewildering number of new conspiracy theories is always by some critics of the official version - such as Mathias Bröckers - as evidence of a deliberate confusion of the public and in turn interpreted as a conspiracy. [55]
    Doubts about the official story to be nourished by the fact that the tests were performed on one or hindered by government and that repeated the untruth was told. Only public pressure on commissions as HSCA and ARRB were used."


    "In the numerous conspiracy theories that attacked quickly due to this one-sidedness of the Warren Commission order, the personal integrity of the members of the Commission and of the President Lyndon B. Johnson was pulled themselves publicly questioned. Then, the CIA gave in January 1967 regarding the handling of the criticism of the Warren Report to their employees with the aim of discrediting the rampant conspiracy theories and disprove. [39] Today, the view is widespread that the Commission impartial no and open-ended investigation of the case rendered. The possibility that there were other perpetrators had been or could be innocent Oswald pulled, the Commission can not be considered. [40]"


    "Testimony and evidence that indicate the presence of at least one other shooter:

    Over fifty witnesses who had been present at the shooting, testified that they heard shots that were made from scratch, namely. From the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza Approximately the same number of witnesses said the shots were fired from behind, so by the textbook depository. A small number of witnesses heard shots from both sides. [50]
    The scenario of two contactors is also covered by eyewitnesses. Many witnesses who faced Kennedy heard shots from the left, ie, from the beginning, others who were behind the President, they heard shots from behind. Assuming only one shooter, remember that the one group of witnesses were mistaken. The scenario of two shooters on the other hand is consistent with all the statements.
    Only a half minutes after the shooting Oswald was seen on the ground floor of the textbook depots as he drank a Coke. According to witnesses, he made it no breathless impression. After the release of the Warren Commission, he would fire within a half minutes from the fifth floor of the fatal shots, then run up the stairs to the basement, where they have to order a coke and drink, without being out of breath.
    In a photo taken on the 14th Was published in December 1963 in the Dallas Post, is a man who resembles Oswald at least, to see the time of the attack on the door of the textbook depots. The photo was taken by James Altgens photographed the presidential limousine from the front right and so likewise the school book depository photographed. The supposed Oswald it is to concern Billy Lovelady, a colleague Oswald. [51]
    Several witnesses who resided in the vicinity of the President and had a good view of him testified, the back of the head had been blown off. This can also be seen in the Zapruder film, and would be consistent with the assumption that was fired from the front. Even Secret Service man Hill, who protected the President with his body on the way to hospital, said that part of Kennedy's right rear head was missing. Part of the skull was lying on the back seat of the vehicle. [52] Roy Kellerman, the bodyguard of the president claims he saw a hole with a diameter of two inches in the rear right head. [53] Dr. McClelland, an attending physician in the ER, who had examined the head wound was, for the record that the rear brain tissue was missing. [54] Dr. Kemp, director of neurosurgery, Kennedy had also treated in the emergency room, the cranial injury also described as a large wound in the right Cerebral_cortex#Association_areas (okzipitoparietalen) region.
    The biggest problem of the so-called "theory of the magic bullet," the Warren Commission and the HSCA, is that the only wound that has been mentioned in the autopsy report of Kennedy, on the back below the neck was and less than a finger deep. After the "magic bullet theory" they would have to exit at the front of the throat, before they had Connally can wound.
    The size of the back of the head wound, which was described by witnesses, suggests that it is an exit wound. Then a second shooter would have fired the fatal shot to the head from the front."

    Scientific evaluation of a trained historian who supports this version:
    ↑ Michael L. Kurtz, Crime of the Century. The Kennedy Assassination from a Historical Perspective, University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN, 1993; Gerald McKnight, Breach of Trust. How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why, University Press of Kansas, Lawrence KS 2005.

    I found all this here:
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