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Thread: Ideas for new linux ultrabook/laptop acquisition

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    Default Ideas for new linux ultrabook/laptop acquisition

    So, I have an acquaintance going stateside where you don' get sodomized by euro taxes so, obviously, I'm going to ask him to bring me something.

    I was thinking about getting a new laptop/ultrabook or any other device really that allows me to runs the latest distros with no problems and do what I do (mp3, x264, etc etc) no games or gay shit.

    Has to be less than $1000 and obviously has to be linux friendly, a plus if it doesn't come with windows.

    I fell in love with this one since someone posted it here yesterday:

    I know the chrome Os is basically ubuntu 10.04 or some shit but what would be the gfx situation if I tried to run other distros???
    does anyone have any idea if I would even be able to boot it up via usb to run fedora or if google does the same as microsoft and locks up the boot process and bios etc ????????????

    this one is a mothefucker too:

    but "Intel® Core™ processor" ??? can't they even tell you the cpu wtf?

    has anyone ever heard about this brand??

    phfl DELL Inspiron 13z lenovo ideapad u310
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