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Thread: OpenSUSE ARMs Up For A Low-Power Battle

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    Default OpenSUSE ARMs Up For A Low-Power Battle

    Phoronix: OpenSUSE ARMs Up For A Low-Power Battle

    While Ubuntu has been taking the ARM server and desktop markets seriously for quite some time and is leading quite well on that front, Fedora has been getting behind ARM, and other distributions like Gentoo and Arch have their own interesting ARM Linux undertakings, openSUSE has been rather late to the party...

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    Default armv4

    I don't expect any armv4 openSUSE in the foreseeable future. I think debian built for it because of a single device.

    armv7 is the focus for now, whith armv5 as the step-child (which is used to make it work on armv6(RaspberryPi) and armv5 like Marvell-Kirkwood based devices)
    and the upcoming armv8 being very interesting as future focus

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