I hope this is the right place to post my problem. I hope someone here can help me, for official NVidia forums are not working for a long time now.

I cannot make my Linux workstation work under NVidia binary drivers. For I have a Quadro NVS 290 in it, I cannot use nouveau drivers (card is not correctly supported) and all is left are slow nv drivers. If I try to use the binary drivers (I've tried many recent versions, they all behave the same), all I get is a blank screen (the monitor powers off). In the same time, Xorg starts to eat 100% of one core, while kernel produces more and more kworker processes (which stay in the system). The box becomes les and less responsive. Even if I manage to login to it via ssh, I cannot reboot it, for kernel eats up more and more resources and the initscripts have no time to do their job. Finally, the machile locks.

I can provide you with both Xorg log file, dmesg part, file with strace -vf Xorg output or whatever you wish. I just hope that anyone can help me. I don't know where to look for the solution any more.