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Thread: Samsung Set To Open-Source Parts Of The Exynos

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    The current best supported (although still not open source) graphics driver for ARM SoC's has got to be the Adreno series. Qualcomm is very good at getting new and updated drivers out for the adreno hardware. That includes drivers supporting the latest versions of Android for hardware that was never and will never get updates from the manufacturers. For example, Adreno 200 (Nexus 1, etc., none of which got updated past Android 2.3) -- the latest Adreno 2xx driver will happily run an Adreno 200 on Android 4.1.2, and as a result, this old hardware runs the latest version of Android with full function and full acceleration.

    It is worth noting that Adreno shares common roots with Radeon, which makes sense since Qualcomm acquired it from AMD (formerly called "Imageon"). The name itself emphasizes this fact since Adreno is an anagram of Radeon, and, in fact, the Adreno 200 is nothing other than an AMD Radeon Z430. In fact, the freedreno project is using a lot of the Radeon documentation to push the freedreno driver forward. The big question I have, is why doesn't Qualcomm contribute to this, since AMD's already done the majority of the hard work in freeing up the IP..?
    Albeit no ARM, it seems valleyview SoC might be the first android runing SoC to have a GPU suported by OSS drivers. Being owner of a motorola atrix, i have learned my lesson, my next phone must have proper oss drivers.

    Since you develop android roms, can you tell if there is any other SoC component besides the GPU which requires closed drivers?

    Can you also kindly explain why does each device needs its own kernel?
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