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Thread: Samsung Set To Open-Source Parts Of The Exynos

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    That is not actually correct. Google placed their trademark *within the code*, which is licensed APL. As long as it is used as an identifier for that code, there is not a single thing that Google can do to stop it. If somebody used it in reference to an operating system that is NOT ANDROID, only then would Google be able to create legal problems.

    "Nexus" *does* happen to be a trademark that they can actually restrict use of. However, it doesn't mean a whole lot -- in fact, it has no meaning AT ALL with respect to upgrades. All it actually means is that it is "google approved".

    It is a terrible misconception that there is some advantage to "nexus" devices when it comes to software upgrades. Nexus 1 is out in the cold already (despite being perfectly capable of running AOSP 4.1.2), those associated with the US CDMA networks are late and unreliable when it comes to upgrades.
    I don't think a trademark can be put within the code, since these are different kinds of IP, obviously regional legislation may vary. But google may have licensed the trademark in a single "package" with the code and might not be able to revoke that license now, ok, i get it.

    I also get your point that nexus may not guarantee the updates, but does it at least mean that the code is mainlined, in order to ease the burden of porting new versions to the device? Please note that by mainline I don't mean necessarily Linus' kernel, might be just google's branch. As far as I know android's kernel still hasn't been fully merged back to linux right?

    If the situation is so caotic that each android device ever made has its own branch, than all the more reason the eagerly await an intel valley view phone.
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