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thatís just cheating in benchmarks because you only get the result with some nasty tricks means cheat cooling solutions.

John Doe cooling solution at home will never get any good result.

But hey thatís the fake world we life in.

In my point of view this is a ~150watt TDP cpu and the intel one 3770K is a ~100 watt TDP cpu.

Now you can save money on the CPU and then pay more power bill or you spend more money on the CPU and save on power bull in the end you pay exact the same.

There is no competition at all !
No, a 125 Watt TDP CPU is a 125 Watt TDP CPU. It's part of the specification, and the CPU will be fine with a 125 Watt cooling solution, and both AMD and Intel guarantee stable operation at the base frequency. Turbo *always* is dependant on the exact setup the CPU is operating in. And yes, this uncertainty in benchmarking was already critizied back when Intel introduced Turbo a few years ago. Also note that Turbo usually works fine with the stock cooling solution provided in boxed sets, Intel or AMD. You usually cannot do worse than that.