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Thread: AMD FX-8350 "Vishera" Linux Benchmarks

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    Unless you produce your own power, the energy costs will nullify any advantage less than in 6 months if you live in europe. If you have cheap energy, then its not relevant.

    The "enthusiasts" thing is complete BS. Its just a label, labels don't mean anything, raw benchmarks do. Labeling yourself "Bruce Lee 2" won't make you one.
    Show me your numbers... Right now....

    Don't spread bullshit.

    Power here in New York is much more expensive than it is in the rest of the USA.
    The CPU uses what? 48W more power?
    Using the PC 8 hours a day...

    48 * 8 = 384Whr more power per day

    30 days a month...
    384Whr * 30 days = 11.52kWh per month

    Cost per kWh here in New York...
    57 dollars for 1000kWh (1MWh).... and that's assuming I use it during the worst time of day.

    Extra electrical cost to use the AMD CPU rather than the Intel CPU per month...
    11.52kWh / 1000kWh = x/$56.63

    Whoopie, we saved 65 cents a month.

    Price difference between CPUs...
    AMD FX-8350 = $220 (
    Intel 3770K = $320 (
    Difference = $100

    How many months is it going to take to pay for the CPU price difference?
    $100 / $0.65 = 153 months

    How many years is that?
    12.75 years

    But wait, there's more... Intel motherboards are generally more expensive than AMD boards as well.
    Maybe an extra 50 dollars more. So we need to add another 6 years onto that....

    Of course, I love advanced fab chips, but when companies like Intel intentionally make their chips and motherboards overpriced by so much, any kind of power savings goes flying out the window instantly.
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