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I have corrected Anandtech fake graph.
Could you fix it so it shows the end time for the Intel 95W part? It only has the end for the 77W part.

Also, does the x264 HD 5.0.1 benchmark use Microsoft's compiler? Cinebench uses ICC or OpenMP, and as the earlier LLVM/Open64/GCC tests show, compiler matters. (Note: I was looking for an ICC benchmark on Phoronix but couldn't find it.)

Extremetech's prime95 benchmark is very misleading. The core i5 can't work as hard because it's limited to 1/2 the number of workers as the fx-8350. I'm unfamilar with ET's site, is there an 8-thread comparison? This is important because at a transistor increase of 200M, it would help indicate the Ivy Bridge architecture efficiency.

Legitreview's prime95 page with a chart lists Battlefield 3, CPU load, and idle. The text above says it's supposed to be 3dMark11, which is still a black box as far as optimization is concerned.

I like the review. I can now see why early speculation said Bulldozer was going to catch up to SB -- and why AMD resigned from BAPCo. I imagine if AMD went under then you'd have the last benchmark site standing; no one else is capable of comparing as many benchmarks on POWER and ARM.