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I don't mean to be picking on you but seriously what do you like so much about Unity or Gnome Shell? What is so much better about not having a taskbar and not being able to switch between windows in one click? For so many years we could do that now we can't. How is this better than Gnome 2? Please answer me as I am seriously trying to understand what is going on here and how can people actually like these new inventions!
Why do I need a taskbar, or the ability to switch windows with it? The way I work, I always have at least one hand on the keyboard, so in most cases, Alt-Tab is easier. Failing that, I can click on the window I want, if it's visible. Both of those are, of course, the same as every other desktop, so the use case you're looking for is to switch to an application that's running, but not currently visible - right?

So in that case, you move the mouse to the top/bottom of the screen, select your app from the taskbar, and return the mouse to where you wanted it. Keep that in mind - it's not just switching windows with one click, it's with one click and a bunch of mouse movement, quite a lot if you have a large monitor, or a laptop with a crappy touchpad. Under Shell, I hit the Start/Windows key to momentarily show those hidden windows, and click on the one I want. Yes, it's an extra key press - but a negligible one given one hand is already near the key, and it's usually a lot less mouse movement to pick the window I want. And so in practice, I actually find it a lot easier than a taskbar.

And a related benefit - the window previews in that view are live, not just screenshots. Which means that if I have some background task running in a terminal window somewhere, I can simple check on it by popping up that overview mode with a single keypress, see that text is still scrolling down the terminal, then return to what I was doing by hitting the same key again. It's actually really useful for doing one thing while periodically checking on background tasks (e.g a database backup, a software build, a file copy, etc).