Hi, all
this is my first post, although i've been a reader/lurker for years now
i've also been using kubuntu for a long time now, even in the dark years of the early 4.x kde versions...

Anyway, i have two small issues after upgrading to 12.10:
first one is some tearing on the upper part of the screen, kind of just one line, but it is noticeable if you grab windows around, and it affects video too. vlc has tearing both in windowed mode (less) and in fullscreen (more). kmplayer behaves the opposite; fullscreen is perfect but windowed has the same issue. I have vdpau enabled in both. btw i tried every possible combination of vsync in nvidia-settings and kwin settings and both on gives the aforementioned result, which is the best i could manage. every other setting gives me "regular" tearing all over the desktop.
sidenote: the same configuration was working with no issues on 12.04
second problem is the dreaded flashplugin (installed via flashaid) ... i managed to activate hardware acceleration with nvidia-experimental (i guess they were 304.43) but as i enabled xorg-edgers repo and installed 310.14, flashplugin fell back to software decoding and presentation. i really have no idea why... and i tried every combination of the HW accel. tickbox and mms.cfg.

My relevant setup: Kubuntu 12.10 64bit with kde 4.9.2, nvidia blob 410.14, card is a 660ti

thnx in advance