I don't understand why everyone is so up in arms about this. It's still a great help to toolkit developers, display server developers, and anyone wanting to port operating systems other than Linux - or maybe even write their own, what with the Raspberry Pi's focus being education. It still means we don't have to wait for Broadcom to catch up if changes in newer kernels cause breakage - OK, so we can't change the GLES implementation, but we can at least keep the current one working!

As for bitching about instability, yes there have been some issues, but work on the USB driver is on-going. Personally, my two Pis are now completely stable for how I use them, so I have absolutely no complaints. Early adopters ought to expect this sort of thing, and be willing to either help, or wait it out. The Foundation got a lot more interest than they anticipated for something which was very much supposed to be an early, developer-focussed release.