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"Turns out to be crap"? It's more like it turned out to be exactly what the foundation said instead of being the unicorn people want to believe in. If you actually read and understand the announcement, it becomes quite clear what to expect from the source release. The vast majority of tech sites got it wrong.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation themselves have been doing their best to confuse and mislead people into thinking that their source code release is more than it actually is, though. For instance Liz had this to say in reply to Luc Verhaegen's entirely accurate comment:


There’s some microcode in the Videocore – not something you should confuse with an ARM-side blob, which could actually prevent you from understanding or modifying anything that your computer does. That microcode is effectively firmware.
She's redefined the entire OpenGL driver - including the shader compiler! - to be "microcode" and is pretending it's equivalent to the trivial closed-source microcode in competing hardware which actually has fully open source OpenGL drivers.