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Ummm... you are advocating making games slower? Linux is already bad performance wise. The interface idea sounds like it will tell KDE or other window managers that a resolution change is temporary and should save the location of its widgets, so that it can restore them when the change is over. That would take 4 integers per widget, with no performance hit for gaming.

Windowed mode for many games, makes the game .... worse. Any game with scrolling (rts, strategy, anything with a scene bigger than the window.), menus that pop up when the cursor is at the edge of the screen (Sim games, theme hospital, etc) and any game with ui elements near the minimize and exit buttons on the window(you can accidently minimize and exit) would have serious issues with being played in a windowed mode. Not to mention its ugly (immersion matters!). Windowed mode is not an option for most games.

We are talking about different things. I was referring to the idea of using a faux FS method. The performance hit I am referring to is this.
Anytime you upscale a graphic it eats performance because it has to scale and redraw, probably at least bicubic so it doesn't look like crap. FWIG is that your resolution would not change but use a buffer that pretends to be a fullscale window at say 1600x900 then upscales it to your native 1920x1080 (at fullscreen) leaving your desktop alone. My AMD card sorta does this at least to the monitor, it scales in GPU so the monitor doesn't really change resolutions, not that useful actually.

"Bad performance wise"? WTF are you smo.... oh for games, yeah that.