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I don't see what this product is good for. Is it parallel computing just for the sake of it? 90 GFLOPS @ 5 watts is good I suppose, but it's not enough if you really need to do heavy calculations. In that case the 5 watts doesn't matter that much. Also, the 1 GB of RAM is a joke for anything but the most trivial tasks. Then what good is 64 cores?
Speaking of 64 cores, few problems scale linearly with cores. This means that the actual performance will be way less than the theoretical 90 GFLOPS.
This is a solution in search of a problem.
Something I can agree on; it is in search of problems. That's why we want it priced at a point where people start thinking about using it.

You're here apparently stating that there is a class "heavy calculations" consistently requiring more than 1GB RAM and where power is not an issue. I disagree with the implicit claim that this is the only set where a considerably parallel processor is an advantage; for instance, it rules out real-time low-latency video processing.