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Really bad survey.

I can understand that they want only ubuntu users for now (looking at the driver choices), but they specifically tell that they want the test to be performed on different hardware. How am I supposed to know which one of the 4 machines I have (and can easily dual boot to Ubuntu just for Steam testing) are least common?! What has my day-to-day choice of DE to Steam gaming? Isn't the whole point of testing to do it on at least few DEs or raw window managers? Same with drivers, if I'm going to be testing, I'd test both the OSS and closed source drivers for the GPU...
I feel pretty much the same for the most part. I have two capable gaming computers running arch and mint why not let me test them both? It should be a proper which distros are you currently using and FFS get some distros in the checklist.... "other"?

Okay I am not an employee but the way I feel the survey should be (at least from a technical perspective)...

Which distro(s) are you using?(This should just be for statistical purposes as it is largely irrelevant)
CPU > cores@speed
What graphics card(s) vendor are you using? >model>RAM
which graphics driver(s) do you have installed
Sound system(Alsa/OSS/Pulse...)
Memory amount/type
Package manager
Compositor (If applicable)
Experience level
*Game ownership they can pull off your account (For client viability sake)