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Do you really use HDMI audio over PA? On a system without HDMI it worked as well.
Nope. Never used HDMI audio on my desktop because I've got a 5.1 Logitech sound system being driven by ASUS onboard audio. My monitor speakers are ... well, they're Visio monitor speakers. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. However I don't remember any problems with either Limbo or Skyrim when I took my rig to a buddy's place. The only connection we had was HDMI there and it played nice.

To be honest, audio has always been one of those things that I get running and then back away from slowly saying "See? it works! Now don't nobody touch this and nobody gotta get hurt ..."

If you want I could jigger around with HDMI audio to see what happens tomorrow. I'll make the adjustments and fire up Doom 3 and report back.

They might overlook fies generated by the game. Also this is handled nicly by packages so to me it is a faling of using .run rather then a package.
If I understand you correctly, you're saying that *.run packages are fine if developers make a way to clean up after themselves? I don't know about that. I'd rather deal with a few stray 20kB - and inert - text files (probably by ignoring them), than have a .deb or .rpm that only installs on a certain flavor of Linux.