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Thread: A Linux User's Perspective Of Microsoft Windows 8

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    Thumbs down Win8? What a wreckage.

    I seen Win8. It's a really odd mix of Win3.11 interface with Win7 interface and internals. The result looks reasonably crappy as it's easy to guess. And those weird tiles? Never seen anything worse than that. First of all, if you have small screen (say, notebook) and then install some program - good luck to figure out how to launch it.

    No, seriously, it's even worse than Vista. Now it not just haves crappy appearance but also crappy usability as well. Mr. Ballmer has got "Worst CEO of the year" for a reason.

    In fact there is alredy cool joke: "nobody did for Linux as much as Microsoft" (meaning that their increasingly crappy OSes force users to seek for something better than that so Linux gets more users than ever).
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