Hello my friends!

I am unlucky owner of Linux-powered 46" LCD TV by Toshiba. I have picked this TV for good reviews as well as funny fact that it runs GNU/Linux.

Recently, I had a problem with TV not being able to play home video in MPG format from my DV.
I have tried all formats (thanks a lot, Openshoot developers!), but the TV failed.

After some research in internet, I found the solution to this - simply update the firmware.

The problem:
However, the firmware is in microsoft windows .exe format. The contents should be several firmware binaries, which the program apparently moves to USB stick, which should be plugged into TV for autoupdate.

Toshiba support did not understand why I can't open it, nor they offered any way to provide the unpackaged or repackaged binaries.
They refused to upload the files to filesharing sites and refused to send them via Email.

They claimed that the decision to package the blobs in .EXE was carried out by Toshiba programmers.

So, in Toshiba view, you need a Windows PC to update Linux-based TV, but just to extract the contents.

Isn't this the reason why Linux is not so popular on desktops? The manufacturers are FORCING users to use Windows. First Logitech, then ASUS and Gigabyte. Now Toshiba. If we don't fight against this, we will be forced to use Windows even to receive our wage.

Please DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA, Logitech, Gigabyte or Asus and please spread this message if you like. DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE.

If they all continue this dirty practices, we should start a class action against them!