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Thread: Ubuntu Developers Realize Need For Non-3D Desktop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pallidus View Post
    Big words for someone who has admitted they only "jumped into linux a few months ago".

    Quote Originally Posted by Pallidus View Post
    linux is, or should be, supposed to be used by a specific type of user.
    Well, excuse me, I have been using Linux for well over a decade in some form or another, and have been using it as my main and only desktop for over five years. I have been in this community a lot longer than you have, and yet I see you now coming over here and telling people how to use their Linux systems because you are some kind of saint. But you are not even arguing on moral or pragmatic grounds, but just with screeds of personal opinion.

    Take a chill pill, enjoy your nice LXDE desktop (as I said, I like LXDE too) and calm down. Your antics are just not worth it.
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