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Thread: R600g Driver Patch That Can 4x The Frame-Rate

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    Default R600g Driver Patch That Can 4x The Frame-Rate

    Phoronix: R600g Driver Patch That Can 4x The Frame-Rate

    Following yesterday's article comparing the AMD Radeon Linux drivers on Ubuntu 12.10, Marek Olk looked into some of the cases where the open-source Radeon Gallium3D driver was much slower than the proprietary Catalyst driver. Already with one patch that touches only two dozen lines of code, Marek was able to quadruple the open-source driver frame-rate for at least one game...

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    So... can you rerun all the benchmarks in the previous article with this patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidicas View Post
    So... can you rerun all the benchmarks in the previous article with this patch?

    Nice idea...

    I'm very interested to soon build a machine with mini-ITX MB and a AMD APU and was to use the Catalyst driver....but was a bit worried with AMD "long therm" support as for drivers goes tacking in account what they did recently.

    R600g performance simply didn't seem to cut it and difference seemed so high that i was w/o hope that it would improve enough any time....

    But now....can we have a rerun of the tests ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidicas View Post
    So... can you rerun all the benchmarks in the previous article with this patch?
    That test was using the stable versions provided by Ubuntu, so I doubt Michael will just take that and apply the patch.

    But he's already said he was going to test out the latest git versions, and this patch has been merged into master now. So yes, the test is coming.

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    Nice to hear. Wonder how well this will scale with other titles.

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    Well... I was excited when I read that title. 4x the frame-rate on some of those tests would put them neck-n-neck with catalyst... but then I realized the test he's getting 4x performance on is the game that runs horribly slow on the OSS drivers. According to the Phoronix post, on the 6870 Reaction Quake get's 519 fps with Catalyst and 8 fps with Radeon... even if you quadruple that figure, you're still only getting 32 fps compared to Catalyst's 500+

    Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a very promising patch, congrats and thank you to the developer... I hope it's just that game, but I'm not going to hold my breath until I see more benchmarks.

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    Default in mailine now

    commit fa58644855e44830e0b91dc627703c236fa6712a
    Author: Marek Olk <[email protected]>
    Date: Thu Nov 1 00:52:19 2012 +0100

    r600g: fix abysmal performance in Reaction Quake

    The problem was we set VRAM|GTT for relocations of STATIC resources.
    Setting just VRAM increases the framerate 4 times on my machine.

    I rewrote the switch statement and adjusted the domains for window
    framebuffers too.

    NOTE: This is a candidate for the stable branches.

    Reviewed-by: Alex Deucher <[email protected]>
    Reviewed-by: Jerome Glisse <[email protected]>

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    Default before they improve heuristics ...

    they should check that they don't do huge amounts of useless stuff (like the stuff this patch removes).

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    Default Radeon superhero!


    Marek is a radeon superhero!

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    Nice work Marek! - both for that patch and for the next one, included below for reference.

    author Marek Olk 2012-11-01 01:00:37 (GMT)
    committer Marek Olk 2012-11-01 02:17:58 (GMT)
    commit 1eedebc65b02130ef7a27062a1ed67972a317a08
    tree b5994b2c8624e671efeb2d69823b96db7f572949
    parent fa58644855e44830e0b91dc627703c236fa6712a

    r600g: re-enable handling of DISCARD_RANGE, improving performance
    It seems to work for me now. Even the graphics corruption is gone.

    This also boosts performance in Reaction Quake.

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