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probably, but i'm not wasting my time researching that for you, when you are perfectly capable of using google / visiting sites like FFADO.org or the ALSA:Matrix to find a card that is supported.... I will say though, if you don't mind spending just a little more than $200 (like $275 or find something used at that price or slightly lower) there are certainly options. For example, the other week i bought a small/more portable firewire audio interface for $275 CDN (brand-new), which was the Presonus: Firestudio Mobile (8-in / 6-out @96khz), plus it has a bunch of other useful features and is well-supported in FFADO (plug and play, no problems at all, works great).
only 96 kHz
only 300 mW at 60 Ohm headphone output
no replaceable op-amps
some security problem with FireWire
it isn't available in my town