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* systemsettings needs to be overhauled, because there are lots of inconsistencies and poor organization. It should be divided into a few main sections (eye-candy, UI settings, admin settings, hardware settings, etc) and then each of those should be divided into their own categories (so under eye-candy there could be kwin compositing, themes, color schemes, etc). This way you can ignore entire sections that are daunting or unappealling to users who want something as simple as GNOME.
besides "eye-candy" is called "Workspace and Appearance and Behavior" and "kwin-compositing" is called "Desktop Effects" how do this differ from how it is now?
* Lessen dependencies on packages that shouldn't matter, such as nepomuk or konqueror.
you can uninstall konqueror, I don't think anything essential is dependent on konqueror.