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The bugs. Too many annoying glitches. Panels lose transparency at random, task bar icons disappear or shift position to weird places, Phonon spams you to death about ALSA devices going away, notifications are completely broken, stuff like that. It feels like KDE is telling you "fuck off, I don't want you. Go use Gnome."
may i add something important to me:
it onsume quite more power than all other DEs. for me this is important as my pc is actually also my htpc.

and there is also ana dditional personal antipathy: i know and used kde since its early 2.x versions. and it was horrible. it was like using windows 3.1 on linux: bloated with a lot of half done features, unstable, slow.... it ket that way all they way to end 3.x.
of course this may have changed meanwhile with 4.x. can't tell this as i only tried kde 4 once a year ago and i ditched it due to its power consumption and higher cpu/gpu usage.

i also do not like may of its "features" and am too lazy to start customizing every thing "back" to get something i like. why should i....

meanwhile, even though there are also quite some things i dislike or am missing on gnome, i very like the concept of gnome shell. though this is a questuion of taste.

p.s. just in case somebody gets me wrong: my bad experience probalby isn't upt to date anymore. but this is own of my reasons for disliking kde.
but i am thankfull kde exists as it attracts a lot of other users. i like having many options that do please many users.
so as much as i personally dislike kde, if many enjoy it than i am happy it exists