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"wobbly windows" IS a must, once you start using it.

It gives me the visual cues I can no longer live without. The active window is immediately recognized.

Seriously, it is that good.
Yeah. Humanity was doomed before this highly esteemed super feature was invented. Was life worth living in the times on non-wobbly? I think not. This is just soooooooo great. And Linus? Please dont underestimate the importance of him using it!!1 When he writes he is trying out some piece of software(and critizing it at the same time) then it is high impact like next weeks elections. I guess the world could start spin the opposite way around if Linus wrote it should on G+. Riiiiight

Well this should not stop the vocal minority of KDE SUPERUSER elitists to go total hyperbole and claim 2012 to be YOTLD spearheded by KDEs stinky pile of dungware.