And here we go again with the pure ignorance wielded by someone who has so many posts in here that the combination will actually blow off your mind and compress down to a single black hole.

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Still no installer that can set you up with a desktop?
So you want to take the control away from the user in a system that doesn't allow taking control away from the user? Or at least to have it as an option? No. That's not the point of Arch, it has never been the point of Arch and it never _will_ be the point of Arch.

When you use Arch you have to posses skills beyond just updating your system with a graphical tool. Since the whole thing is a fully rolling release you need to be able to manage it so you have to _understand_ it. This is one of the benefits with forcing the user to go all the way up from the console with nothing but the very basics like network and the package manager. In addition you get a system that is completely _your_ system.

There are things that automate (or at least help in it) the installation but using them is so discouraged that not in a lot of places do you get to hear from them.

The people who ask these questions don't understand the whole point of this system.

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Any other rolling release distros out there that actually can be installed by mere mortals?
Yes..? Depending on your definition of a rolling release. PCLOS, Sabayon, Chakra, SUSE with Factory enabled are some of these things.

We have WikiPedia for a reason too.