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Thread: Arch 2012.11.01 Switches To Linux 3.6 Kernel

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    That's funny. Your problem sounded like it was simple to fix (and may have even been caused by human error). But the funnier part is your expectation of Archlinux ~ Clearly, it's not the distribution for you when you can't even solve a conflict or are confronted with having to do something yourself to resolve a problem. ie: manual intervention - and there is nothing wrong with that, you obviously need a lot of 'hand-holding', so sticking with Windows is probably better for you.
    I get the feeling Im being mocked at.


    I don't need a lot of hand-holding so to speak: just a little is sufficient. Heck, i always compile my own kernel and wifi drivers for Fedora, OpenSUSE and Mageia from source, along with almost every important userland application i use on a regular basis (Firefox, Thunderbird, aMSN, Xchat, HexChat), completely bypassing the package manager save for MySQL, postgreSQL and LibreOffice.

    Windows is my choice simply because of the vast amount of vendor-suppplied drivers for the variety of desktop accessories and pheripherals out there (especially printers and fully-functional launch-day driver support for most hardware), along with Office, Visual Studio, VISIO and the Windows Live suite; these are the things which I cannot live without, and are also the things FOSS have failed to dethrone even after so many years. Example: to date i still get pissed at the current version LibreOffice for making it so difficult to align tables and images to a document, or for not being able to set the orientation of one single page from a 10-page portrait report to landscape style; tasks which were do-able with 1 click since Office 2003.
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