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"Ubuntu Desires Lower Audio Latency For Gaming"
And yet they use PulseAudio.

"Ubuntu Needs To Improve OpenGL Drivers For Gaming"
And yet they use Unity.

"Ubuntu Tries To Attract New Developers"
And yet they don't contribute upstream.

"Ubuntu Developers Realize Need For Non-3D Desktop"
And yet they use Unity. Do they even know that there are fully developed desktops already existing out there?
I woud bet that in some years Ubuntu is no longer a Linux Distrubtion like Debian or Arch. I bet that it will be still based on Linux but imcompatible to rest of the GNU/Linux world (imcompatible from ubuntu to other distrubtions and not from upstream Linux to Ubuntu), like OS X and *BSD. Ubuntu is a curse and a blessing: in one side its a blessing cause it brings more people to Linux and gets more companys to develop software for liux, in other side its a curse cause it does compared to other distrubtions with simlar size less and cause it develops without the community of the oher projects: it dosn't uses the strengh that the community has.