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Thread: Frame latency analysis on Doom 3

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    We can ofcourse discuss the settings, and try to achieve the lowest jitter.

    First of all, a kernel with "low latency desktop" enabled. You can edit Kconfig.hz and change 100 to 90. (search/replace).
    You can add idle=poll and tick_skew=1 to boot options. And compile a shaved local kernel by doing "make localmodconfig" from a full distro kernel. (Also remember to turn of high_res_timers if enabled, because then hz will be 4016 or atleast high.)

    CFS granularity should be set to 1158500nS. (Current setting is a bit high, and may give jitter)
    Renice X to -20, to prevent X being a bottleneck.
    Remove 60hz limit in doom 3, to avoid timing jitter.

    Some nvidia-specific stuff on my blog aswell :

    A lot of people think SLAB has lower jitter than SLUB etc, aswell, and some tuning with regards to what kernel options execute the least code, least background activity can be done.

    Rather than listen to someone moan and not want to realize reality, I`d much more like to see people understanding this, and contributing to an improvement. And I very much appreciate the initiative of the thread. However to really see doom 3 jitter, it must be run at normal speed. So just play through a level. and record those values instead, would be more informative.

    Peace Be With You.
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