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Thread: Unvanquished Reaches Alpha 9 State

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    Default Unvanquished Reaches Alpha 9 State

    Phoronix: Unvanquished Reaches Alpha 9 State

    Unvanquished, one of the few open-source game projects to actually deliver fairly good graphics quality and art assets, is out with another monthly alpha release...

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    Yeah... I waited three days for this alpha, because I just assembled a desktop computer out of used parts, including a Radeon 4850.. my laptop has an 8400m gs. By the time it came out sunday night, I had to be to bed for work. Get home tonight, go to download it. GetDeb didn't work. The .deb files for debian were confusing, and I don't want to add their repo.. install the .deb's and after spending half an hour downloading maps as an install script (!), it failed because it didn't have libnettle and three other packages i've never heard of and weren't in the ftp folder.. and just the other night I had tried to install Warsow and it had a requirement for some version of libpng that neither debian nor ubuntu had, I compiled it, tried to symlink it, tried to put the files where it wanted, nothing. I've now given up on both games.

    My friends are all trying to get me to switch to Arch, but I was going to have Windows around for gaming anyways, so I'm probably going to end up using that. On the bright side, maybe Catalyst for windows is better.. I downgraded my for it this time and it broke facebook, so I reverted to Radeon :| I mean, R600 is quality code. You can feel it... still though. It probably gets tested on Windows.

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