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A few months ago when I was using/testing radeon on Arch Linux, activating dynpm helped a lot with temps compared to before(could be a bit better though ..).
But the screen flickered often when he card was reclocked and it was .. annoying ...
I still had better temps with Catalyst.
Maybe it's better now though, it's not so tough to test your distro vanilla radeon and your mileage may vary(better or worse than me). But I think if there was a big breakthrough in this sector, I'd have seen it here on Phoronix ..
Dynpm still blinks, and that's the main problem. I've been running os drivers on my arch for a while because AMD stopped supporting my card in 12.6, but got fed up and downgraded my packages to accommodate catalyst again. Two big show-stoppers were, as i mentioned, glitchy dynpm and very sluggish scrolling in web browsers with power management set to low or mid. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but in the long run it's very annoying.