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Arent MIPS involved in Chineese efforts to make "West-free" computers? Like in "No-western-OS-from-USA!".

If IT take over MIPS business they will have to honor that obligations.
The Loongson processor licenses the MIPS64 ISA, don't think this affects them in anyway. The micro-architecture is of their own design, before they signed the license deal with MIPS. It's also intimately tied to Linux, don't know where this notion of "west-free" came from. The only thing it's free from is probably Intel and AMD. Well, probably not AMD since it licenses AMD's HyperTransport as its system bus and uses AMD 7xx chipset.

But in the broader context, this probably means the end of the MIPS architecture. With the up-coming 64-bit ARMv8, why would anyone support MIPS anymore? In terms of performance it doesn't match up against Intel/AMD's current offering, in terms of power efficiency it stands no chance against ARM. It basically sits in no man's land.