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Well, reading this thread makes me wonder. Maybe it's actually the distributions who are messing up KDE so that it crashes.
I'm running Arch and KDE, and, in all honesty, never experienced a single crash since the day I'm using KDE.
I thinks it's because Arch doesn't modify KDE to the extent other distributions do, though I of course don't have a proof for that.

Or maybe I'm just extremely lucky.
Whatever, KDE always worked best for me, and I'm really longin for the Kwin improvements in 4.10
I dont think it's distribution's fault. I've also used KDE from svn/git or from (mostly unmodified) gentoo packages, and it was the same.
Actually, i think it's the contrary : distribution sometimes manages to fix/enhance/hide KDE mess. The most obvious is SuSE i guess. But it costs a lot of manpower to do the QA that KDE fails to do.

You're probably lucky and have very big hardware ressources dedicated to the sole desktop environment (arguably, hard to mesure).