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Not GL functionality, it had something to do with command queue, or stream packing, or something like that, and might have had to do with the shader compiler and/or VLIW. Bridgman wrote about it, and thought that the Radeon/Catalyst gap should shrink as a result. Can't find the thread (here on phoronix) for the life of me now.

With MESA and Intel we have good compilers, good synthesizer and FX processor, and good version support. The only thing missing is that we can't target the Nvidia or AMD hardware with quality. The problem is that we don't have good target and optimizer libraries for this hardware. LLVM can replace hand righten optimizers, but you still need to integrate things to LLVM, plus you need good back-end that represents the hardware well. Those bad companies they don't give as at lest the back-ends on purpose, and in favor of their blob and their control over as.