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You've raised a very good point there with the community features/overlay. Just spelling it out again: If _any_ game sold through steam has a 32 bit version, and they want overlay support, steam would need to bring in a whole bunch of 32-bit libs that the overlay library links to so that it can be used. The same goes with 64 bit games ran from a 32-bit client. The only case where Valve won't need to deal with multilib systems is if they make it a requirement that all game devs provide 64-bit and 32-bit versions of their games, while valve provide both 64 bit and 32 bit steam clients.

And those saying that 32-bit is dead, there's still plenty of 32-bit CPUs out there. Why don't you tell Intel it's dead:
The Atom Z is an embedded processor, you can not buy any desktops or notebooks with it. (and you don't want to have an atom for gaming at all)