Good evening together,

a few weeks ago i build up a new system with complete new hardware. After hardwareinstalling i set up openSUSE 12.2 and installed the latest nvidia drivers.
Everything is running really good except Enemy Territory (short=ET) which is a online only first person shooter from 2003 based on the 2001 released Wolfenstein.
The game uses openGL.

After i join the game i only got unstable ~75fps, sometimes verys unstable ~90fps. With my "old" ATI card i always got stable 125fps.
But the big problem is that i got a full systemfreeze after playing the game for about some minutes.
Also i detected that the left and right side of my ingame field of view is jiggleing alot. I cant describe it better with my poor english.

I can play games like Skyrim, Might & Magic Heroes VI or Mass Effect III through wine really fast and without any problems. The only game which freezes also is Metro2033 but i guess thats a wine issue.

I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it with a newm fresh and clean config which is written by the game during the first joining on a server. The result is exactly the same.
I tried to uninstall the nvidia driver and reinstall it (i always use the distributionspecific packages to install new software). Result was the same.
I completely reinstalled the OS (openSUSE) with the same result.

To be sure that i meet your requirements tell me what kind of informations you need. I can post the xorg.conf and of course the etconfig (this is the config generated by ET during the first startup. Tell me what kind of infos you expect.

Im happy about any hints :-)