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I've tried a nightly release of Fedora 18 and I got the impression that the anaconda installer is far from being done.

I couldn't install packages from the live usb so I had to enter a repository from the internet. So no internet no install.
Also the partitioning is scarry, I wasn't sure it would install on the partitions that I chosen. Anyway after pressing install it gave an error and exited.

Also the general feeling of the new installer is, in my opinion, in no way better than the older one.
picking up a nightly isn't a great choice as we haven't pushed an anaconda build stable for a while. i think the nightlies up till now would have been on 18.19 at the latest; we're all the way up to 18.27 now, and Beta TC7 had 18.24. the TCs are a lot better than the nightlies as things stand.

we just pushed 18.26 stable today so nightlies will get a newer anaconda now, but TC8 will come fairly soon, with 18.27. in general, if you really want to be poking at the current state of things, use the TCs/RCs, not the nightlies.