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Why do you think is radeon oss so much better? I highly doubt that because nouveau is reverse engineered which means the driver does more or less the same as the binary one. Reclocking is however an issue but radeon does not shine in that area as well. Radeon cards tend to use a higher default clock which results in very hot laptops running on oss drivers. As radeon devs do not try to clone fglrx i doubt that the final performance will be that high. From a performance/price comparision most likely amd would win on windows - you pay usually an extra nvidia "tax" of about 10-15% over amd. It depends if you want to live with the linux drawbacks or not - at least 12.11 beta driver is a step in the right direction.
The OSS Radeon driver also analyze the command stream of fglrx to match it in cases where neede. Nouveau is not an attempt to reimplement the Nvidia driver bit for bit and both Nouveau and Radeon are using the Gallium 3D frame work. AMD has fulltime emploies working on the Radeon driver, who also havedirect access to documentation that normaly can not be obtained out side of AMD. I don't really see any thing pointing to Nouveau being more likly or performing better then the Radeon driver. Lastly Radeon does alot better for reclocing then Nouveau.