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Thread: OpenSUSE 12.3 Being Prepped With Numerous Changes

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    Opensuse 12.2 seemed like too much of a hybrid of old and new systems, such as systemd being introduced but only being used in parallel with the old sysvinit which retained control of many functions of the process. There are other examples of similar 'transitions' with multiple systems governing a single process.

    Opensuse 12.3 will be most greatly appreciated if it completes this transition of these many new technologies leaving a stable and coherent base on which to build.

    Chief amongst this bifurcated and inconsistent systems is package updating, specifically, the fact that suse has two largely separate systems for the process that conflict with each other:

    This needs to be sorted out, leaving one coherent system to govern the package update process!

    When the solution for this problem is being pondered it needs to weigh in the requirments of the new apper/appstream based opensuse app-store that really needs to finally arrive with 12.3:

    Lots of fine work has been done to create the prerequisites of an opensuse app-store, not least of which was changes to packagekit i believe, now is the time to see the fruits of that labour.

    With that said, other updates I like to see from opensuse 12.3 in march are; KDE 4.10, kernel 3.7, further Owncloud integration, and a green opensuse theme.

    Looking forward to it.
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