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Not the users act like children, there is a certain trend to run around in forums and say bad things about Gnome3 especially if you don't use it. Unity has little to do with Gnome3 except that both use 3D features, I cannot say much about it anyway, only used it from some livecd once. What I saw of Unity, it has some launcher and some search field for applications and documents (oh how wonderful, you now also get Amazon commercial results in the desktop search on Ubuntu).
who started it? gnome users. Since the first line of gnome code was created, gnome users festered in kde threads attacking, trolling and being just as obnoxious as they can. Just look back at KDE 4.0.

But a KDE user just voicing a tiny bit of well deserved criticism in a gnome thread? Scandalous! Go away! You have no right to post here.