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No BS, he's not in the Computer Science department, literally.

Wonder how he learned to code? Given he is listed as a Senior Software Engineer
although his last job was Senior Systems Architect; Computing Lead: Advanced Camera for Surveys. WTF??
Systems Architect isn't coding. It's building computers and loading operating systems.

For fukz sake RedHat. You hiring amateurs?
What's your point? Are you saying that people can't do development without a CS degree? That'd rule out a *lot* of very skilled developers. A guy I used to work with was an Arts major with a PhD in something literary, no formal science qualifications at all. Didn't stop him from being one of the best coders I've ever had the pleasure of working with...

Besides, I've seen plenty of lower-primates graduating with CS degrees, yet prove to have no practical use whatsoever. I'd much rather have someone self-taught from a different discipline, than some of the morons who studied CS theory and think they know what they're doing.