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Thread: Should There Be A Unified BSD Operating System?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhux View Post
    The GPL is not open, it denies potential users to distribute their hard work under a better license.
    Actually, what the GPL does is to deny potential users the right to distribute other people's hard work under a different license, one that doesn't guarantee the downstream users have the same rights in turn.

    If you want "more freedom" than the GPL (ie. the freedom to deny equal freedom to other, downstream users), that's fine -- but in that case, you'll have to 'acquire" your base code from people who use a license that lets you deny downstream users those very same rights to the code which you yourself received with the code that you "borrowed". (Or otherwise -- you'll just have to write all "your" code yourself.)

    Was someone bitching about "free-loaders"?
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