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Not really my type of game but I think I'll back this anyway because the graphics look so damn good (yes I'm that shallow), almost hypnotic.
The cool part: Everything you see is programmer art created by Jason Nollan in Blender. With funding, they can now hire a skilled modeler and texture artists and increase the detail and quality significantly (while keeping the same hypnotic aesthetic that the concept artist put together for them). It's really hard to tell that it isn't already professional art. Jason did most of the art for their student game Nitronic Rush, which was gorgeous for a student game, but nowhere close to as gorgeous as Distance is.

And again trying to vaguely keep it on topic: Unity 4 helps a ton with the art pipeline and effects sides of things being taken care of already. I've got a mile-long list of complaints with Unity, but all around it's the best engine out there for small- to middle-sized projects, and is increasingly usable for AAA projects as well.