Hi all,

I am new to Phoronix, and new to system integration testing as well. I have background from development, load testing and already had some experience as a test leader.
Now I am having a new experience, as I have to do some system integration testing.
In this project, I am finding a way to automate tests that are to be performed from several different platforms, such as Windowx (both XP and 7), Linux and Mac. The test are concerned to storage. So, they will have to write and read files to and from a NAS storage system (through a SAN network), and get metrics about that.

How do you think Phoronix would help me on that?

We have an application developed here, in C++, using Visual Studio, that does the reading and writing of files. Although it only works in windows, do you think it could be integrated with Phoronix?

Thanks a lot for your attention.