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I miss when GNOME were usable.

GNOME Shell in GNOME 3 is just weird and stupid.
It forces me to work the way it wants me to instead of just let me do my thing.
It has too many clicks to get things done.

Also, I think the developers just want to make a weird new interface to write on their resumé that they pioneered innovative UI and UX research.

They throw out accepted UX patterns in favor of their own untested UX ideas that nobody want.
If you don't like Gnome 3, that's fine, but don't scrutinize people for wanting to test their own ideas. If they're wrong about their design ideas, then they found something that doesn't work. Time to try something different. Nothing's lost. If they're right, then maybe a new trend will catch on.

As for Gnome 3 forcing you to work the way it wants you to work, you're right, it is forced on the user. However, the way Gnome 3 is designed isn't inherently bad. Is it bad because it's flawed, or is it bad because it doesn't work the way you want it to work and/or are used to working?

And speaking of Gnome 3 forcing users to work the way it wants you to, nobody's forcing you to use Gnome 3. There's plenty of other desktop environments that stick with the used and proven user interface model. You're not losing anything. Nobody's walking into your house and beating you with a leather belt for using KDE, XFCE, LXDE, E17, MATE, Cinnamon, Busybox, or any of the other desktop environments.

Your post really pisses me off. Not because you don't like Gnome 3, that's perfectly fine. What pisses me off is you act like there's nothing else for you to use, and you're scrutinizing other people for wanting to design something other than the status quo.