Hello ladies & gentlemen, I've just assembled my new and first ever desktop build, and I want to optimize its performance.

It consist of the following:
ASRock a75m-dgs
Kingston HyperX Predator PC19200 cl11 XMP

what to do? ubuntu 12.10 flgrx 9.0.2 > lm14 catalyst?
I'm lost and I have no clue about manually set the xmp profile, though the bios has already offers a 2400mhz profile with looser timings. Also I don't know if I need to install M/B drivers
its now running lm14 with flgrx removed and catalyst 12.10, and I failed to reinstall flgrx. used this guide to do it http://www.unixmen.com/ubuntu-12-10-...roblem-solved/
thanks in advance. kind regards, me ofc