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People also use computers, not kernels, because computers run on kernels.
And if the kernel does not do what you want, you use another kernel that does so you can USE your computer. They don't care how it is done, just that it does what they want.

When you drive, you drive a car, not an engine, but there is no driving without engine.
Yup, and you can change that engine too. Doesn't even have to be the same one. People care to use their car to get from point A to point B. Go up and ask someone if they would like to have a V8 engine or a complete 4 cylinder car. A vast majority will take the fully functioning complete product despite it's inferior power.

What is the fucking point again? What are we even arguing about?
The point is that unless you use the components for something that people use it becomes a useless product with a lot of wasted time spent into it. This is something that a lot of developers tend to forget. They forget the target end audience that their product would serve and if nobody uses their ubercode it becomes a fruitless endeavor.