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Thread: Gentoo Developers Unhappy, Fork udev

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    Quote Originally Posted by kigurai View Post
    They force dependencies on you all the time, just like all other projects. In this case, it happens to be a dependency that you disagree with.
    Yes, I know it "would make GNOME Linux only", but there are some points to consider:
    1) Isn't that the de facto case already?
    2) The dependency is IIRC on the systemd interface, meaning that you can replace it with other software that provides the same functionality.
    1. GNOME replaced CDE on Solaris as the only provided desktop environment not that long ago. It runs on more than just Linux.
    2. That gives distribution developers more work.

    Quote Originally Posted by XorEaxEax View Post
    Who are 'we'? Are you now speaking for Gentoo as a whole, I really hope not because I doubt I could fathom a worse spokesperson.

    And while I'm grateful for the work Canonical has put into making Linux a 'mainstream' desktop possibility, there's no comparing Red Hat's and Canonical's contributions to the Linux ecosystem, Oracle doesn't even register.
    It is a hypothetical question to which I gave a hypothetical answer. It was left vague intentionally. Also, Gentoo doesn't have a spokesperson. Each Gentoo developer's opinions are their own.

    As for RedHat's contributions, they tend to focus on quantity over quality. With the exception of Linus' tree, patches that they provide to upstream projects often lack the scrutiny given to patches that they write against the Linux kernel. This seems to be in part because they only seem to care about their narrow set of target cases and in part because they do not seem to enforce QA standards on what they submit. It is nice of them to try to contribute, but there are plenty of people who would prefer RedHat employees to enforce better QA standards on their contributions and to handle cases that they do not necessarily need themselves. It would prevent regressions that such patches often cause for others.

    By the way, I finished reworking the kmod builtin in eudev. It has been committed to HEAD.
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